In 2019, a case appeared in The Guardian newspaper whereby a man had been refused a room at a house share in Kensington, London because he was of a certain sun sign. The rise of interest in astrology has expanded beyond the realms of what was previously thought possible in the last ten years. That is partly because we have now recognised that our soul does not and cannot live or connect with digital devices. As humans we have always had a need for soul recognition. We are now seeking a new way to express the most ethereal selves. North node karmic astrology offers valuable insights into our souls intentions on this earth. It tells us the habits we need to form, the thinking we need to embrace and those that should be avoided. It is the user manual to your soul that you forget to bring with you onto this earth when you re-entered this incarnation as the person that you are today. By connecting and remembering this information and by applying it to your life, you will receive renewed experiences and fulfillment in ways that you may not even believe are possible.

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