Gut Health for Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Did you know that you have two powerful compasses to help you deal with challenging situations in life? One is in your physical body, in your gut. Some call it intuition. Using intuition or “going with your gut” requires your body and mind to be in harmony. And since your gut (aka your bowel) is often blocked and congested by foods that cause intolerances like medications, drugs, toxins, imbalanced gut flora, stress and lack of activity, not alone do you suffer from physical symptoms like bloating heaviness, mood dips and weight gain but you invariably cut off your own powers of intuition too. Frances Flannery, Your Gut Friend, is Irelands leading natural gut health practitioner, health author, and founder of Vitality Centre clinics. Consider combining your north node reading with advanced I-ACT certified gut health cleansing to remove years of physical and emotional blockages that reside deep in your colon. Using the advanced Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy it is now possible to undergo this deep body cleansing treatment without anyone physically touching you. There is no loss of privacy and the tube which is considerably smaller than traditional methods can be self inserted. Your Gut Friend, Frances Flannery is the European trainer for the internationally accredited I-ACT standard of colonic hydrotherapy. If you have been exposed to medications you may have imbalanced gut flora which can cause many symptoms in your body.

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