Physical and Mental Cleansing and Purification

Physical blockages in your body like those caused when you are carrying many kilos of impacted faecal matter in your bowel cause mental blocks too. Brain fog and a drop in mood invariably follow. That is why Your Gut Friend, Frances Flannery recommends that everyone who undergoes a karmic astrological reading at Dublin Vitality Centre considers a physical and mental cleanse too. This can offer incredible wellbeing benefits and improvements in the physical and mental body. Considers undergoing a 3 week body cleanse to restore and balance the gut and base chakra simultaneously. “All disease starts in the colon”. Those are the word of Hippocrates, the father of all medicine. Gut health cleansing with colonic hydrotherapy and enemas dates back over 5000 years. It was popular with the Pharaoh of Egypt. It’s referred to in ancient Sanskrit ayurvedic practices and it is more popular than ever right now because of the newer systems that make it a pleasant, safe and I-ACT certified treatment using FDA approved systems. Frances Flannery is the European trainer for the I-ACT standard of training. She takes a holistic view of gut health believing that by removing blockages in the bowel, profound positive mental and physical benefits can be experienced.

Clear your physical body of years of toxins unblock your chakras, increase vitality. Open the doors to renewed intuition. When your base chakra (the part of your lower body where you colon is), is blocked you will likely experience the following:

  • A feeling of being “stuck in a rut”
  • Anger and mood swings, “seeing red”
  • Struggles with security. Feeling unsafe
  • Over eating and drinking

Lack of libido