Soul Astrology

Soul astrology is also known as karmic astrology or north node astrology. It is based on the idea that the soul has come to this earth to have certain experiences. By learning about the position of the node in your birth chart, you can reveal what  your soul wants, the experiences you are meant to have, the things you may wish to avoid. If you have found that you keep repeating old patterns and feel stuck or frustrated by the results. If you find that relationships, finances, career, family and personal fulfillment  have not come together in the ways that you want, it might be time to address a change in the way you approach these things.

When you undergo soul  astrology with Frances Flannery, you can discover what direction to take, how to change your thinking and how to achieve the right outcomes for you. Often these outcomes are the opposite to what you would be inclined to do. That is all thanks to your south node or past life memory which is the pre-set that is  holding you back.