Your Gut Friend, Frances Flannery

Frances Flannery has been providing natural gut health treatments in Ireland for over 10 years. She is the founder of Dublin Vitality Centre and author of “Lets Talk About Happiness.” Following the beliefs of Carl Jung, Frances believes that the complex synchronicity of the universe and of the life of each individual is connected to the vast knowledge of the unconscious mind and that astrology has the power to reveal it.

Your Gut Friend, Frances offers a specific type of astrological reading that does not require you to know your exact place and date of birth. This type of karmic astrology is called a “North Node Reading”. Your north node reveals your souls mission. It tells you the characteristics and thinking patterns that you need to“lean into” in order to allow yourself to have the experiences that you were destined to have. It also points to patterns and habits that you need to let go of. ┬áHaving an understanding of these two sides of yourself and the developing these parts of your personality often helps you to cope and accept challenges in life and can help you to find your ultimate success.

“Following your north node can take you to places in life that you may never have considered before. The path is not always easy, but it is ultimately the most rewarding thing you will ever do in your entire life and it can help you achieve the transformation and changes that you crave on a deep soul level.” Your Gut Friend, Frances Flannery


If you are feeling “stuck in a rut” your north node can offer you a way forward. Think of it like a compass pointing north and bringing you along path that takes you home to your ultimate soul’s mission on earth – one where success and fulfilment awaits you should you choose to travel it.

Your Gut Friend, Frances Flannery regularly appears on radio and in the media to comment on health, nutrition and the gut. She has been featured in The Irish Independent, Tatler, Image, and The Irish Daily Mail. She has appeared on Newstalk with Pat Kenny along with many other radio stations across Ireland.